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Access and Design Virtual Reality trainings and experiences tailored to your business, in a few clicks.

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Embrace VR-Based Education

Immersion, Interactivity and Feedback are the driving forces behind successful hands-on trainings and events.

Logistics, Trivialized

VR Trainings enable the replication of trainings in sensitive environments, without the hassle of dealing with access restrictions.

Multimedia Focus

Virtual worlds can be enriched with text, images, documents and videos, bringing all your pedagogic content on a single platform.

Full Control, at No Cost

Operators can learn from their mistakes in a realistic fashion, at no additional cost and without any material impact.

True Remote Learning

For the first time, practical trainings can take place out of the office/plant – a few square meters and a VR headset are all you need.

Custom Learning Curve

Unparalleled analytics and flexibility allow users to fine-tune learning tracks to adjust to the progression of their trainees.

Embrace Digitalization

Like videos and tutorials, VR trainings can be shared across your organization and easily updated based on your users’ feedback.

Virtual Reality experiences build upon these key factors to bring state-of-the-art trainings to life, in a cost-effective fashion.

Practice Makes Perfect

What if Virtual Reality Trainings and Experiences could be created, modified and shared as easily as a Video or a Slideshow ? Altheria Practice, our VR training creation and visualisation platform, answers this question and much more.

Unlimited Access to our VR Expertise

Even though we simplified the process by several orders of magnitude, not everyone has the time and resources to create VR Trainings from scratch.

Explore the Altheria Library and collect VR Trainings and 3D Models. Ready to import and use with Altheria Practice.

Build VR Trainings and Experiences in a few clicks

Altheria Practice includes an easy-to-use Editor that allows users to design Virtual Reality Trainings and Experiences without a single line of code.

Import your own videos/3D models, design scenarios with our node-based editor, instantly preview your training in VR, and create your own virtual settings !

VR Experiences are meant to be played.

Playing and sharing VR trainings and experiences has never been easier. Our Viewer is freely available and compatible with the most common VR headsets.

Our Viewer also allows you to interact with your VR experiences in a different way – gather analytics, stream the VR experience on a flat screen, and much more.

The use of immersive VR in our training programs is a real breakthrough. We perceived it as not very accessible or even too expensive prior to our partnership with Altheria. Thanks to a user-friendly tool like Altheria Practice, hands-on trainings can be made available more efficiently to our growing population.

Pierre Meunier, Innovation Director at Alstom Belgium

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From EHS Trainings with a leading Pharmaceutical company to Manufacturing Trainings in the Railroad Industry, our product has helped our customer to make their first steps into the world of high-end corporate Virtual Reality.

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